2012 winners’ resources

Below you will find resources that can help Best in Biz Awards 2012 winners publicize their achievement to the rest of the business world, including logos and a press release template.


Best in Biz Awards 2012 logos

Feel free to display the Best in Biz Awards 2012 logo on your web site, social media pages, in business development and sales materials, as well as email signatures and internal communications. Logos appropriate for online distribution are available for download below. Right click the appropriate logo to download.

For higher resolution .jpg images, appropriate for print distribution, please (left) click here: gold, silver and bronze.


Best in Biz Awards 2012 press release template

Feel free to use the template to share your achievement with the world or to write your own press release announcing your recognition. When writing your own press release, feel free to use or edit any parts of the template, as appropriate. Click here to view the template.


Best in Biz Awards 2012 trophies

All 2012 winners received stylish customized etched crystal trophies. The complimentary trophies differed in size, depending on the winning place, and measured 10, 9 and 8 inches for gold, silver and bronze winners, respectively. Winners can order additional trophies to commemorate their achievement here.

Starting in 2013, gold and silver winners will continue to receive complimentary trophies measuring 10 and 9 inches, respectively. Bronze winners will be able to order bronze trophies to commemorate their achievement.

If you have any other questions about awards publicity that are not covered here, please contact info@bestinbizawards.com.