Select quotations from the Best in Biz Awards 2013 judging panel



Heather Somerville, Bay Area News Group

“The projects entered in this year’s Best in Biz Awards competition were highly ambitious and relevant to the current needs of consumers and businesses,” said judge Heather Somerville, business reporter with Bay Area News Group, a media group that includes the San Jose Mercury News, Oakland Tribune and Contra Costa Times. “It was a tough decision among several strong contenders — not enough medals to go around. The entries I selected as winners had a refreshing and unique approach, and wanted to solve problems they had faced in their own businesses and personal lives. I hope the recognition they receive through this contest gives them some ammunition to continue growing and innovating their services.”


Pamela Hulse Andrews, Cascade Business News

“The companies honored in Best in Biz Awards demonstrate the creative innovation that exists among today’s entrepreneurs,” said judge Pamela Hulse Andrews, CEO and founder of Cascade Publications in Bend, Oregon, which is ranked as one of the top entrepreneurial environments in the country. “The risk taking, the dedication to making their ideas work and the willingness to try something new and ground-breaking will gear them towards a successful enterprise. I am honored to have participated in this year’s judging panel.”


Jack M. Germain, ECT News Network

“The winning entries this year show a high degree of innovation combined with a keen focus on business and consumer services,” said Jack M. Germain, ECT News Network, who returned to the Best in Biz Awards judging panel for the third time. “Often products seek a novel way to repurpose an already successful idea. This year’s competition proves that products which bring new approaches to solving vendor and consumer needs can build a better business environment. This certainly raises the bar for next year’s contestants.”


Jonathan Roubini, Lab Reviews

“This year’s Best in Biz Awards’ winners are truly outstanding; they embody excellence in the business and technology industries by demonstrating passion and dedication to their work,” said Jonathan Roubini, leading technology expert and editor in chief of Lab Reviews, judging his third Best in Biz Awards program.


Evan S. Benn, Miami Herald

“What impressed me the most about the winning entries was the way their business plans were geared toward filling real voids in our communities,” said Best in Biz Awards judge Evan S. Benn, staff writer at the Miami Herald. “While they all have sound investment platforms, none of the winning plans are get-rich-quick schemes that will only serve investors. They have developed products, tools and ideas that will truly help improve the way we function.”


Samara Lynn, PC Magazine

“This year’s Best in Biz Awards nominees offer services and products that reflect the most current trends in technology, from cloud computing through mobile devices to network connectivity,” said Samara Lynn, lead analyst of networking and business at PC Magazine, judging her second Best in Biz Awards program. “Truly, all of the nominees and winners represent the ongoing innovation and trends in technology that we who cover the space see on a daily basis.”


Kat Bryant, Phoenix Business Journal

“I was impressed by the social conscience shown in several of the entries,” said Kat Bryant, associate editor at Phoenix Business Journal, who served on the Best in Biz Awards 2013 judging panel. “Not all big businesses are just out to make money these days; an increasing number are looking to make a difference — within their own ranks, in the communities they serve directly, and even worldwide. It does my heart good.”


Brian Bandell, South Florida Business Journal

“The winners were selected based on the companies with the boldest, most innovative ideas,” said Brian Bandell, senior reporter at South Florida Business Journal, who returned to the Best in Biz Awards judging panel for the second time. “Many companies rely on copying the inventions of others or releasing minor tweaks of products that were revolutionary years ago, but these companies are truly breaking new ground.”

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