Select quotes from Best in Biz Awards 2016 judging panel



Nicole Fallon, Business News Daily

“I judged the Fastest-Growing Company of the Year category this year, and it was so difficult to choose a winner,” said Nicole Fallon, Business News Daily, returning to judge her third Best in Biz Awards program. “Every company that entered had highly impressive growth milestones and missions. From what I could see, they’re all on track for even greater achievements in the coming year. I especially loved reading about growth that stemmed from leadership transitions or big company shifts. It’s inspiring and motivating for any business to learn that change can be a very, very good thing, and that taking risks can lead to tremendously positive results.”


Mark Huffman, Consumer Affairs

“The nominees for Most Innovative Service of the Year were extremely impressive this year and nicely represent America’s entrepreneurial spirit,” said Mark Huffman, Consumer Affairs, returning to judge his third Best in Biz Awards competition.


Kayla Devon, Hanley Wood Media

“Entrants in the Most Innovative Service of the Year category excelled at finding a niche customer need and innovating a yet-to-exist product that could transform their respective industries,” said Kayla Devon, Hanley Wood Media, judging her first Best in Biz Awards competition. “Solving everyday problems is the key to the success of new businesses and technologies, and these entrants have gone above and beyond.”


Mari Edlin, Healthcare Innovation News

“It was interesting to see some overlaps in the entries for the Most Innovative Company of the Year – several companies in the cybersecurity and fraud protection industries, others in the advertising space, yet others offering innovative ways to deliver commonly used services, and lastly, an implantable device to curb opioid addiction,” said Mari Edlin, Healthcare Innovation News, joining the Best in Biz Awards panel for the first time. “Some of the companies focus on solutions to today’s problems, such as lack of data security and overprescribing of opioids, while others provide efficient ways to support employers, employees and consumers, promoting high-quality, trustworthy experiences. They all rely on technology, not a surprise for such forward-thinking companies.”


Melanie Waddell, Investment Advisor Magazine

“The Fastest-Growing Company of the Year category was truly an exciting, but honestly hard, one to judge,” said Melanie Waddell, Investment Advisor Magazine, one of this year’s Best in Biz Awards judges. “All of the companies on the list are blazing trails in their respective markets, but some stood out more than others. The companies that I had the pleasure of judging are tapping into timely and tech-savvy ways to advance in fast-growing sectors — from digital journalism to healthcare to important leisure and learning activities like travel.”


Mick Burke, Journal Times

“The Executive of the Year category offered several highly impressive entries, top executives that have turbo-charged their companies’ revenue in a short period of time or, in one case, producing a highly successful company from scratch,” said Mick Burke, Journal Times, returning to the Best in Biz Awards judging panel for the third year. “Even more impressive were those that are succeeding while doing charitable work through their companies, and those that are making their workplaces great places to work for their employees.”


Annlee Ellingson, L.A. Biz

“This year’s Best in Biz Awards entrants proved to be innovative in all sorts of ways, from their products to their company cultures to the entries themselves,” said Annlee Ellingson, L.A. Biz, returning to judge her third Best in Biz Awards competition. “It’s always a pleasure to catch up on what businesses around the country and in a wide range of fields are up to.”


Ellen Cannon,

“This was my first year as a judge of the Best in Biz Awards, and it was a great experience,” said Ellen Cannon, “Learning about the companies nominated in the Most Innovative Company of the Year category was exciting. Each finalist company addressed a consumer or business need that wasn’t being filled or offered a better solution, which is what drives innovation. I’ll keep my eye on these companies as they grow.”


Kyle Taylor, The Penny Hoarder

“It was such a pleasure to have such an incredible field of talented entrepreneurs and CEOs enter the Best in Biz Awards competition this year,” said Kyle Taylor, The Penny Hoarder, joining his first Best in Biz Awards judging panel. “The entrants should all be so proud of what they’ve accomplished.”


J. Money,

“Judging the Fastest Growing Company of the Year category this year was thrilling,” said J. Money,, joining the Best in Biz Awards judging panel for the first time. “Not only to see how efficient a lot of these companies are, but to also motivate myself to push even harder with my own projects, knowing just how attainable this level of growth is! The hustle is definitely alive and well with this group, and I was honored to help acknowledge them.”


Ralph Jensen, Security Products Magazine

“I am impressed by the quality of entries in the Small or Medium Business Product of the Year category; from the smaller business to the most well-known technology firm,” said Ralph Jensen, Security Products Magazine, judging his first Best in Biz Awards competition. “It is evident to me that each company has poured their heart and soul into research and development of the individual product that not only makes their business model better, but takes the needs of the end user into account. The variety or technology products only proves to me that there are unlimited resources in those people who value technology as a service.”


Craig Zabransky, Stay Adventurous

“As someone who started his career at a small business firm after university, I can certainly say I was thrilled to learn about the many steps taken by such firms to enable creative work environments and establish so many positive “perks” for their employees,” said Craig Zabransky, Stay Adventurous, judging his first Best in Biz Awards competition. “It was also most refreshing to learn how many considered (and understood) their own employee happiness and well being correlated to the success of a firm’s mission to serve their clients.”


Joe Pettit, Tripwire

“It was an honor to be invited to judge the Best in Biz Awards and the competition was extremely fierce this year,” said Joe Pettit, Tripwire, joining his first Best in Biz Awards judging panel. “It was extremely difficult to pick out the winners, as all the applicants were of such a high standard. I’m excited to see who else wins and it’s awards like this that help provide recognition to those most deserving.”


Christopher Null, Wired

“There were tons of great entries this year — it was especially difficult to pick the most worthy candidates out of the many submissions,” said Christopher Null, Wired, returning to the Best in Biz Awards judging panel for the fourth year.


Gina Jordan, WLRN-Miami Herald News Tallahassee Bureau

“It was an honor judging the Executive of the Year category. I love entrepreneurship, and these business leaders are job creators and innovators,” said Gina Jordan, WLRN, one of the judges on this year’s Best in Biz Awards’ judging panel. “Growing a company, exponentially increasing its workforce, and expanding into loftier ventures – it’s all in a day’s work for these folks. What I see in these executives is a fearless drive to succeed, persevere and transform. They are an inspiration!”


Charlie Osborne, ZDNet

“If companies are going to stand out from the crowd and remain competitive in future years, innovation is key. The market is tough and there is no guarantee that today’s dominant players will remain so — unless time and effort are concentrated on research and development,” said Charlie Osborne, ZDNet, one of Best in Biz Awards’ judges this year. “This year’s entries in Best in Biz Awards highlighted not only innovative business practices but the emergence of next-generation technologies which will keep companies current and relevant.”

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