BiBA’s 5 Most Awarded

For the second year in a row, Best in Biz Awards 2016 is once again highlighting the top 5 most awarded companies in this year’s program.

Our annual BiBA 5 Most Awarded list recognizes companies based on the weighted combined total of gold, silver, and bronze honors awarded to any company in a given year’s program. Companies receive 3 points for each gold win, 2 points for each silver, and 1 point for each bronze award. Companies with the same aggregate score share the honor.

The top highest scoring companies receive additional award logos to use on their website and marketing materials. There is no additional entry fee to be considered for this recognition.

So if you’re debating between a few different categories in this year’s program, multiple submissions are certainly encouraged!

As a reminder, there is a 10% multiple entry discount when submitting 5 entries, which is automatically applied in the online entry system.

Additional discounts are available for companies submitting more than 10 entries.

Top tips to make it into the Top 5


Enter multiple categories

This goes without saying, but a higher quantity automatically gives you more chances to win and thus more chances to score the points to make it onto the “5 Most Awarded” list.


Re-use your existing entries in additional categories.

Writing 10 different and distinct award submissions can sometimes get overwhelming, so to maximize your chances at winning, while minimizing your work, re-use your existing entries in as many applicable categories as possible. E.g. your Best Place to Work entry can be easily re-used in HR Department or HR Executive of the Year categories and your Most Customer Friendly Company of the Year entry can be easily re-submitted in Support Department or Support Executive of the Year categories.


Enter some of the less popular categories.

It is no secret that some categories attract more entries than others. Some… tens of times more. Maximize your chances at scoring points for each of your wins and making it onto the “5 Most Awarded” list by entering some of the slightly less popular department or executive categories and showcasing your company’s departments’ and executives’ excellent work.


Double-up on your categories.

Whenever you enter an executive category, enter the corresponding department category – and vice versa! For example, if you are entering Technology Executive of the Year, chances are most of the executive’s accomplishments are also the department’s accomplishments. Double your chances at winning by entering both categories.

2015 Top 5 winners

To see last year’s Top 5 Most Awarded companies, including UnitedHealthcare, Actiontec, Creative Lodging Solutions, Fidelity Investments, American Express Global Business Travel and Discovery Education, click here.