Select quotations from the Best in Biz Awards 2014 judging panel



Nicole Fallon, Business News Daily

“This was my first year as a Best in Biz Awards judge, and I was so thrilled to read the inspiring leadership stories in the Executive Team of the Year category. The companies who entered made it very difficult to choose a winner because all of them have done such incredible work to bring their companies to the next level,” said Nicole Fallon, Business News Daily. “They say an organization’s greatest asset is its people, but those people need a strong executive team to guide them toward their goals. The companies in this category all truly exemplify what it means to be a great leader.”


Tracy Mayor, Computerworld

“How thrilling to be asked to pick Best in Biz Awards’ App of the Year in a year when apps were hot, hot, hot,” said Tracy Mayor, Computerworld features editor, returning for a second year of judging. “Taken as a group, these entrants show just how far we’ve come in developing personal, customized software that truly impacts businesses and their customers.”


Mark Huffman, Consumer Affairs

“In the more than 10 years I have been covering consumer issues I have seen vast improvements in customer service policies put in place by major corporations. It was especially gratifying to see the levels of service achieved by this year’s entries in Best in Biz Awards,” said Mark Huffman, Consumer Affairs. “In the Internet age, it has never been more important to ensure your customers have a positive experience and, should there be a problem, to address it. These companies “get it,” and that’s not only good for them, but good for customers too.”


Jack Germain, ECT News Network

“The entries in this year’s App of the Year category showed off some of the best apps available for enterprises and consumers,” said Jack Germain, ECT News Network, judging his fourth Best in Biz Awards. “The finalists’ products offer sophisticated, well performing tools to enhance service delivery and customer convenience. The products making it to this final round are clearly already winners. The apps that received winning scores are truly declared the best of the best apps this year.”


Doug Cantor, Inc.

“I salute all the companies in the Most Innovative Company of the Year category. It was inspiring to read about the work they’re doing, and taken as a whole their stories gave a tremendously encouraging view of the state of American business,” said Doug Cantor, senior editor at Inc. magazine, judging his second Best in Biz Awards. “With such a strong field spanning a variety of industries, choosing a winner was a challenge, to say the least.”


Kristin Burnham, InformationWeek

“It was a pleasure to read and judge the Best in Biz Awards this year,” said Kristin Burnham, senior editor at InformationWeek. “The “App of the Year” category showcased top-notch innovation and demonstrated how this burgeoning market can enhance and transform a business’s processes and competitive position.”


Dale Dauten, King Features Syndicate

“The quality of the entries in Best in Biz Awards 2014 was exceptionally, delightfully high,” said Dale Dauten, King Features Syndicate, returning to judge his fourth competition. “Even though I spend my days working with and writing about innovative organizations, as I reviewed the materials of the Best in Biz nominees, I realized I was talking to myself, repeatedly saying, “Oooh, that’s good!” and “Whoa, now THAT’S clever!” You can feel the creative energy flowing through these organizations and the joy that goes with it.”


Iris Dorbian, peHUB

“Theodore Roosevelt once said that the difference between a leader and a boss is that the leader leads and the boss drives. That maxim can easily apply to this year’s list of entries in the Executive of the Year category,” said Iris Dorbian, peHUB. “Although all clearly have excelled at generating untold revenue for their respective firms, what emerges from each entrant’s story is how deep and far they’ve been able to inspire their staff to innovate, take risks and reach for the stars.”


Kat Bryant, Phoenix Business Journal

“In my second year of judging “Executive Team of the Year,” I continue to be impressed with the caliber and creativity of the entrants,” said Kat Bryant, Phoenix Business Journal. “This year, the standout was actually two teams that became one. They pegged a previously unidentified sub-niche and went after it, pulling together millions of dollars from investors to accomplish their goals — and doing so very effectively, by the looks of it. This is teamwork at its best.”


Deb Brasier, Quad-City Times

“As someone who was previously unfamiliar with the businesses represented in the Support Department of the Year category, I was fascinated to read the entries,” said Deb Brasier, Quad-City Times, judging her second Best in Biz Awards. “Each business laid out interesting accomplishments and goals, and ranking them was quite the challenge.”


Jonathan Marino,

“The companies presented to me appear, each in their own way, poised to carve out market share and positions in new industries, and I want to congratulate each of the affiliated executives,” said Jonathan Marino,

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